Termites: How to Identify and Control Them

Termite removal is an essential part of pest control. Termites are stubborn creatures and they cause financial headaches for property owners and renters alike. When they become a problem in a property, they’ll likely target the integrity or structure of the home. That, of course, makes costs sky-rocket. Knowing the difference between a termite and other pests is crucial in controlling them and protecting your property. So, how can you identify a termite, and what’s the best way to control them?

How to Tell If You Have Termites?

Often, people mistake ants for termites. It’s a common mistake to make and one which causes no end of confusion. So, how to tell the difference? Ants have different wingspan lengths whereas a termite has the same wingspan. Okay, so that doesn’t sound helpful and you won’t be measuring the lengths of the wings but there are subtle differences between the two. More often than not, you’ll know if there’s a termite problem when damage occurs to the structure of the home. Also, if windows don’t open properly and door frames become tight, that’s a sign there’s a problem somewhere. When you notice these things, pest control is vital. See more

Call In the Exterminators for Termite Removal

Pest removal companies are the people you want to turn to when it comes to dealing (and controlling) termites. They will deal with termite removal and will help to prevent any from returning. Of course, most problems are fairly minor and can be handled with some pesticides. However, there are also infestations and those are very difficult to deal with. A pest control company can essentially, exterminate the entire home from termites and other such pests. They’ll carry out a full inspection of the property and if they see signs of an infestation, they will take immediate steps. Sometimes, fumigation is required to get rid of extreme infestations. 

Can You Deal With Termites Without A Professional?

Depending on the extent of the termite problem, you may be able to use some specialist products to help deter the pests. Once the infestation has been removed, you could also take steps to prevent the termites from getting back into your home, including sealing any gaps in the property that lead to the structure. However, some infestations will be very difficult to handle without professional assistance. It’s different if you catch the problem early and take steps to prevent more from entering the home but with infestations it’s tricky. It’ll all depend on the scale of the termite removal

Stop Them Before They Become a Greater Issue

Termites are pests you need to deal with quickly. They may seem harmless but the reality is far from that. Once they get into the structure of the property, they can do untold damage and in some extreme cases, can render a home unsafe. Removing the pests needs to be handled in the proper and most effective manner so that they’re fully removed from the home and don’t return in a few days. Pest control professionals may be the ones to turn to when you need help with termites.