Save the Bees; Call a Professional

Sometimes bees or wasps move into your home without your permission, and they don’t even pay rent! In these situations, it can be annoying and dangerous because having bees near children,pets and yourself is not the safest thing. While you may think you can just buy some pesticides, brace yourself and attack the beehive head-on, but that can be dangerous to both you and the bees. Obviously, the purpose of this assault is for it to be dangerous to the bees, but bees are a highly endangered species,and should be left alive as much as possible. Professional bee removal however is able to capture the bees and relocate them to a new home within a day. Here is a short synopsis of how a bee remover can relocate bees.

Rather than using pesticides to kill the bees, bee removal will suck out some of the bees, wait for the rest to follow suit, and put them in a transportable manufactured hive. Then once the bees have left, the hive can be removed and the wall or corner where the hive was can be repaired. This will hopefully prevent any more bees from moving in. The bees are then taken to somewhere else, either to a beekeeper or someone else who could use the bees. This is a much more bee friendly alternative to hiring an exterminator or doing it yourself.

At the end of the day, you can do the bee exterminating yourself if you would like. However, with bees being an endangered species it is highly recommended that professional bee removal services are hired because it can ensure the bees can live, just somewhere else.