The five types of termites you need to know about

Termites are eusocial insects. They feed on moist wood, majorly. Termites share some similarities with ants especially in terms of size; so much so that they’re usually mistaken for each other. While ants have a narrower waist and elbowed antennas, termites have thicker waist and antennas that resembles a string of beads.

There is really no telling the extent of damages that termites do to the wooden surfaces and furniture in our home. Note that not all termites are destructible. The use of termite removal, either insecticide or use of pest control can help us in controlling them but termites can be very persistent pest.

To protect your home, it is expedient that you’re of the five major types of termites around us. Here are the five types of termites you need to know about.

Subterranean termites

These termites are found in every state in America except the state of Alaska. It is mostly found in southern states and thrives very well in very hot climate. There are six species of termites that are typical to the United States.

They include; the eastern subterranean termite, dark southeastern subterranean termite, light southeastern subterranean termite, Formosan western subterranean termite and desert subterranean termite.

The subterranean termites are a very destructive type of termite because they form large colonies. They are usually found underground and in moist places above ground. Check here!

Formosan termites

Formosan termites are the most aggressive and destructive species of species known in science. They usually form large colonies underground and build mud nest inside the structures of walls. Formosan termites are not easy to control because of their ruthless nature.

They are found in South Carolina, California, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and Louisiana.  Formosan species are difficult to identify because of their similarity in structure with the subterranean specie. Hence, the need to patronize pest control company since they have the expertise.

Dry wood termites

This type of termite, thrive in any environment with sufficient amount of dry wood. As opposed to the small nature of the subterranean species, dry wood termites are large. Dry wood termites, typically attack wooden structures that are not necessarily attached to the ground.

They do not require moisture like the Formosan or the subterranean breed. They are found in the southern parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and all of Florida.

Damp wood termite

Like the name implies, they survive on wood with high moisture content. As regards the dry wood species, damp wood can also survive without soil. They also have a massive structure with a large head and mandible.

Their need for water/moisture refuses them from invading homes. They are found in Montana, Idaho, northern Nevada, Oregon, northern California, Washington and southern Florida.

Cone head termite

This specie gets their name from the dark cone shaped heads of the soldiers. They are invasive species particular to the Caribbean. The cone head termites are known to be extremely aggressive as they make under grounds and inside trees.

Termite infestation is a major problem in many homes. Pest control or termite control have been found to be the most sufficient way to handle it. For more details read our article:

Termites: How to Identify and Control Them

Termite removal is an essential part of pest control. Termites are stubborn creatures and they cause financial headaches for property owners and renters alike. When they become a problem in a property, they’ll likely target the integrity or structure of the home. That, of course, makes costs sky-rocket. Knowing the difference between a termite and other pests is crucial in controlling them and protecting your property. So, how can you identify a termite, and what’s the best way to control them?

How to Tell If You Have Termites?

Often, people mistake ants for termites. It’s a common mistake to make and one which causes no end of confusion. So, how to tell the difference? Ants have different wingspan lengths whereas a termite has the same wingspan. Okay, so that doesn’t sound helpful and you won’t be measuring the lengths of the wings but there are subtle differences between the two. More often than not, you’ll know if there’s a termite problem when damage occurs to the structure of the home. Also, if windows don’t open properly and door frames become tight, that’s a sign there’s a problem somewhere. When you notice these things, pest control is vital. See more

Call In the Exterminators for Termite Removal

Pest removal companies are the people you want to turn to when it comes to dealing (and controlling) termites. They will deal with termite removal and will help to prevent any from returning. Of course, most problems are fairly minor and can be handled with some pesticides. However, there are also infestations and those are very difficult to deal with. A pest control company can essentially, exterminate the entire home from termites and other such pests. They’ll carry out a full inspection of the property and if they see signs of an infestation, they will take immediate steps. Sometimes, fumigation is required to get rid of extreme infestations. 

Can You Deal With Termites Without A Professional?

Depending on the extent of the termite problem, you may be able to use some specialist products to help deter the pests. Once the infestation has been removed, you could also take steps to prevent the termites from getting back into your home, including sealing any gaps in the property that lead to the structure. However, some infestations will be very difficult to handle without professional assistance. It’s different if you catch the problem early and take steps to prevent more from entering the home but with infestations it’s tricky. It’ll all depend on the scale of the termite removal

Stop Them Before They Become a Greater Issue

Termites are pests you need to deal with quickly. They may seem harmless but the reality is far from that. Once they get into the structure of the property, they can do untold damage and in some extreme cases, can render a home unsafe. Removing the pests needs to be handled in the proper and most effective manner so that they’re fully removed from the home and don’t return in a few days. Pest control professionals may be the ones to turn to when you need help with termites. 

Different Types of Pest Control Methods

Do You Really Need Professional Pest Control Services?

Similar pests and rodents that infest buildings and structures tend to be attentive to warm and welcoming places. As the buildings are plastered and are a secure place to live far from the dangers of nature, these pests take refuge and create a nuisance for the humans who live there. They interfere with objects like wood, food products, paper and any random element that they consider appropriate for consumption. Pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, lizards, flies, spiders, beetles, wasps, termites, rats, etc. are generally found to wreak havoc for people.

The best solution to dispose of them is to hire pest control services that are professionals equipped with the best quality of insecticides and pest eradication gauges that give relief to people. Pest control services offer affordable services that can be contracted in a contract and are allowed to offer maintenance from time to time or when necessary. There are several reasons to hire a probable pest control:

Custom Plans

If you hire a professional pest control company to control pests in your home, they can be able to give you a personalized plan that is suitable for the unique pests in your home. One of the significant things to understand is that there is no single size that suits all scenarios when it comes to pests and you need to have various plans to dispose of the different pests in the house. See more!

1) Safe Environment

The invasion of pests in people’s lives creates several problems, mostly diseases. Asthma, plague, allergies, malaria, dengue, food poisoning, etc. They are some diseases that are fatal as well as affect the human body. Damage to goods stored in warehouses can be eliminated where there are no pests after being treated by pest control services.

2) Obtaining Important Information on How to Stay Safe from Pests

Pest control services in addition to treating pests with insecticides give help with the essential precautionary measures that people can take in their daily lives. Keeping the area and surroundings free of clutter, eliminating food products from the pest vigil, eliminating standing water from the surroundings that would not allow the breeding of mosquitoes and flies, etc., is something they teach. This environmental education can assist people to live a life free of pests and your family safe.

3) Professional Treatment Actions

Pest control services are equipped with the best quality products that include pesticides and insecticides that allow them to eliminate pests and do not allow them to reappear. They ensure that the treatment is carried out taking into account not affecting the environment, as well as children, pets, etc. The presence of equipment of the best quality just focuses on pests and ensures that the normal operation of buildings and people not affected.

Flexibility and Time

The Controlling pests take time and effort and you can not be able to do it on your own. If you select a professional company, you can spend your valuable time on more valuable things in place of dealing with unsafe chemicals. Technicians offer flexibility working on weekends and evenings so they can put up your schedule.

If you choose a professional pest control service, you can be able to keep your homemade pests free and your family safe. Check out this site:

The 5 Types of Termites You Need to Know About

Spring is coming—and with that comes termites-you need termite removal. As the temperatures rise, “swarming season” starts, leaving a significant part of the nation—ready for invasion and, more awful, huge harm to homes, workplaces and other wood-based structures.

So, what to be on the lookout for as the weather picks up?

Noticeable tubes or passages in trees, planks of flooring or other wood in your home or out, in addition to indications like stripping paint, pinpoint openings, squeaky floors, disintegrating wood and stuck windows or entryways. While these don’t generally identify termites, they are a sign you ought to examine or, even, tap a genius to investigate. These are, regularly, the principal signs one of these five basic sorts of termites have relocated to your home or open-air space that need termite removal. 

What Do Termites Resemble?

Fire ants and carpenter ants in all respects intently look like termites because of which ordinarily they are mistaken for them and a termite security plan may go amiss. This class of termites particularly take after one another and, in this way, remembering them turns out to be significant so an assurance plan can be conceived as needs be-by the best termite removal.

Cautious separation is extremely basic in light of the fact that simply subsequent to distinguishing, a powerful vermin control technique can be touched base at. The sort of required bug control administration is, thusly, especially subordinate upon right ID and this can affect the total procedure.

The conduct and presence of termites and ants are marginally extraordinary. For individuals who might want to discover realities and how to recognize them, this area can be exceptionally helpful. Pest control company look here into these distinctions to obviously get them and get a reasonable thought for recognizing termites. Check here.

Need to hire a pest exterminator?

Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area.


Termites have a straight midsection, while ants have a pressed stomach area.

Reception mechanical assemblies

Termites, have straight accepting wires while ants have curved radio wires.


The midriff of a termite can be relied upon to be straight though, in the event of an insect, the midsection will be squeezed.

Wing length

In termites, the front and back wing length are the equivalent though ants have various lengths of wings.


The antennae of termites are straight while if there should arise an occurrence of ants, these are generally bowed.

Discarded Wings Near Access Zones

The mating season of the two termites and ants happen in the meantime, i.e., spring is the season when both these creepy crawlies might be liberally observed. It is because of the way that they mate amid this time and indeed, they can be effectively mistaken for one another. Mating happens noticeable all around as both these creepy crawlies fly above and endeavor to mate from various states.

Flying ants don’t scrap its wings. In this manner, if anybody sees disposed of wings close to passages in a property, particularly entryways and windows, odds are high that termite settlements will be found adjacent on the grounds that they as a rule sever their wings once mating is finished.

Top 3 Mistakes Made By Septic System Owners

You wouldn’t think anything could go wrong with septic systems and yet there are a hundred and one things which could go wrong with the system! It’s not one of the nicest problems to have to deal with and in truth, very few people actually think about their septic system or what they could be doing to cause it problems. Here are three of the top mistakes which most septic system owners make today.

Flushing Unsafe Items down the Drains

Do you know what’s safe to flush and what isn’t? Unfortunately a lot of households are throwing items which aren’t septic safe and are running into a heap of trouble. Septic tanks are quite vulnerable and they can’t handle a lot of things either which means you have to be extra careful what you’re pouring down the systems. For example, you can’t really be pouring in oils and chemicals down the drains as your system might not be able to handle it. What is more, if you misuse the system you can actually cause the system to plug-up in effect and stop working.

Not Getting To Work on Repairs

Minor faults can have a major impact on the running of the septic system. Septic repair is crucial because when the system needs to be repaired, it needs it done now, not next month! If you need to carry out repairs and you don’t do it, it can cause the system to break down and then it’s major work with a heftier bill to deal with. The system can slowly but surely get worse and that’s going to cause even more hassle and disruption so it’s best to get any repairs carried out quickly. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners don’t deal with repairs or maintenance and end up facing a real nightmare.

Overloading Septic Systems

How much water does your home go through within a week? Unfortunately lots of homes opt for small laundry washes which can actually use up far more water than say one large washing. In a way, septic tanks need a nice steady water flow rather than heavy bursts as that can cause the system to overload. It’s easily done and something which most people think would actually help their systems rather than cause them trouble. It’s easy to see why people think using little bursts of water at a time can help rather than a steady flow. However, it’s really reversed.

Avoid the Common Mistakes to Save Your Septic System

It’s easily done, overloading the system or indeed forgetting to maintain it but if you make these mistakes, you are in for a heap of trouble and it will cost you dearly. Remember, septic problems can cost a lot of money and if you aren’t careful you’re going to end up spending thousands every year repairing the tank and system. You have to know the mistakes so that you can hopefully avoid them and it can make a real difference to say the least. Septic repair is also important, if in need, get it done.

How do we select a competent pest control service? 

Be that as it may, some pest pervasions might be broad, or a specific pest might be hard to control, requiring the services of a pest control company.  You should choose a pest control company the manner in which you do some other service – Look for Quality and Value.  Expenses and competency are critical. While selecting a pest control service, cost ought not to be the main factor that decides the company you pick. It is vital to ensure the pest control company you choose is capable. On the off chance that pesticides are abused, both health and property can be harmed.

Before contracting with a pest control company, think about the accompanying:

Take as much time as necessary/Do Your Homework

At the point when a great many people find a pest issue, they need the issue dispensed with promptly. Notwithstanding, most problems can hold up a couple of days,so you have sufficient energy to choose a capable, sensibly estimated company. Acquiring a few assessments from the following organizations is astute. Most organizations will give a free quote.

Things to ask a Prospective Pest Control Firm

How long have you been doing this type of business at your present address? Would you give me a rundown of references and reviews?  Contact a few references to see whether they are happy with the serviceprovided by the pest control company.  Will the person(s) playing out the services be an affirmed, authorized pesticide tool or an authorized professional?

Each pest control company must have no less than one affirmed, authorized business pesticide tool in the best possible service classification. Other company implements must be declared utensils or authorized specialists under the immediate supervision of a particulartool.

Licenses might be confirmed

The company should provide a duplicate of your pest exterminator permit, copies of the names for all pesticides utilized and the rates at which they will be connected?  Solid implements will demonstrate to you their certifications and will have the capacity to give you duplicates of pesticide marks that show how the item ought to be connected, including the best possible application rates, and the vital safety measures.

More Points to Consider

Some pest exterminator companies offer service contracts in which structures are routinely treated for a specific pest. Deals might be significant in a few circumstances, for example, distribution centers that get boxes regularly swarmed with cockroaches.

As a rule, routine pesticide applications in and around your house are bad except if there is a consistent invasion by a pest and non-substance techniques have neglected to control the pest. Service contracts for the mortgage holder ought to incorporate occasional reviews. However pesticides ought not to be connected except if the pests are indeed present and can’t be  controlled by different means. Learn more.

Last Take

If the service individual requests that you do certain things previously, amid or after the pesticide application, coordinate and take after guidelines. In the event that the service individual recommends non-substance techniques for pest control notwithstanding the pesticides, make sure to take after the guidelines. Great collaboration amongst you and the pest control company will help wipe out pests and diminish pesticide utilize.

Different Types of Pest Control Methods

Over the last few years, households have run into more pest problems from termite removal to rat infestations. For most people, they don’t know how to deal with the problem at hand and it’s not really ideal for any household. The worst thing is that some pests are not deterred by the same pest control method used on another pest which means you have to adapt for each pest. What are the different types of pest control methods available and which method will be more suitable for your home?

Chemical Pest Control Methods

For cockroaches and other little bugs, it can be very difficult to deal with them which are why chemical methods are best. Chemical pest control might not seem like the friendliest way to deal with the problem at hand and yet it’s probably going to be one of the better methods to ensure you get the results you want. This can involve sealing off a home or building and spraying chemicals so that the pests die out. The time it can take can vary significantly depending on the size of pest problem and the building itself.

Different Types of Pest Control Methods

Biological Pest Control

It might also be possible to look at biological methods to deal with termite removal and to help the property become bug-free. This method is not as popular as it once was but it can be good at dealing with a lot of pest problems. Professionals will usually seal up a home and use their biological techniques and clean up the home and air it out again so that it’s safe to use again. This method might not sound overly pleasant and yet it can be a great way to ensure your home is free from pests once again.

Non Chemical Pest Control

Another popular control method would be the non chemical approach and this would entail traps and other such things being set to help deal with the problem at hand. This is truly one of the more popular options for those with rat and mice problems. Looking at this for termite removal can be tricky but it will depend on the scale of the problem. For most households they want a non chemical route so that they can feel more content and safer within their home after the method has been carried out.

Management Is Crucial

However, while you can look at a thousand different types of pest control, you have to understand that managing the problem is even more important. Why is that? If you can identify the problem, you can manage it more effectively so that you can deal with the pests now and also in the future. Far too many don’t understand there are reasons why the pests return and why they are there so if you’re able to do that, it’s easier to deal with them in the long-term.

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

It’s hard to feel at ease in your home when you have a pest problem. For most people, they feel uncomfortable and for others, they just don’t want to be anywhere near it until the problem is sorted out. However, if you know a few methods you can find the one which is right for you and deal with the problem in the most effective manner. Whether its termite removal or dealing with a nest of rats, there are ways to keep the home safe and secure at all times. For more information read here

The History of Pest Control

Have you thought about hiring a pest control company? At one point or another, we have all had to deal with some sort of pests from bees to termites and far beyond and it’s not always easy to deal with them. You have so many little pests to deal with and sometimes you don’t know which methods are best. However, over the course of the last few decades, the way pests are dealt with has changed enormously. The history of pest control is strange at times but something you should learn about in order to understand how far we’ve progressed today.

Years Gone By

Many years, back in the 19th century and beyond, the pest control methods were very different from today. Back then, there were no real ways to deal with pests and while people tried to manage the situation, most people lived with the pest problems. For some, they used whatever they had at hand to deal with any pests they seen including shovels and brooms. That was sort of the first methods of pest controls as there were no pest exterminator services available. It might sound very unusual and yet was all that was available at the time.

The History of Pest Control

DIY Route

Manufacturers created mousetraps and other Do-It-Yourself machines to help deal with pest control problems. Opting for the DIY route has really become highly popular and it’s easy to see why. Some of the DIY methods were far more cost-effective than hiring a professional pest control company. That is why these methods had become so highly sought after and even though times have changed now, a lot of people are still looking at DIY methods. These are highly sought after even today and they can be pretty effective too which is ideal.

Advanced Human Pest Control

In all honesty, modern times have changed the way people view pest control. For instance, a pest exterminator can be one of the most sought after individuals but their methods have changed dramatically. Before, it was all about catching and killing the pests, whether it was mice, rats, squirrels or even ladybugs but now it’s different. Yes, some pests must be killed in order to remove the problem entirely but more people are using human ways to manage and control the pests. For instance, exterminators are using friendlier methods to manage the pests and relocate them if possible. It’s all about finding the cause of the problem rather than just dealing with the problem.

Dealing with Pests Effectively

Today, there are more ways to deal with pests and most of those methods are far more effective and easier than before. Not too long ago, people with pest problems had to deal with it on their own but today, there are more services available. These are very useful services in order to help people deal with the pests and to ensure their homes and properties are safe for themselves and their families. A pest exterminator can be a very useful professional to have helped you at times of need. For more details read our article

How to Choose the Best Pest Control Company

When you have trouble with pests, you need to hire the best pest control company so that they can deal with the problem at hand. Unfortunately, many home owners and renters aren’t sure where to turn when they have problems with pests. There are quite a few pest control services available and that does present a lot of problems for those who have never searched for these services before. How can you choose the best pest control company and services?

Look at What the Company Specializes In

First of all, you have to take a close look at what the pest control services specialize in. Yes, they are pest controllers but do they deal with your problems? If you have bee hives or nests within the grounds, can the company really deal with them successfully and without delay? Sometimes, some pest controllers specialize in one area of pest control and it’s important to remember that so you can find the absolute best for your money. It will make all the difference.

How to Choose the Best Pest Control Company

Take a Very Close Look at Their Reputation within the Industry and Their History Too

Next, it’s important to think about hiring someone who has a great reputation. Now, reputation counts for a lot of things today and in reality it’s something you should give a lot of thought and consideration over. If you hire someone who has a poor reputation then the service you receive might not be the best; that’s why you absolutely have to look at a pest control company and their reputation first. What’s more, it’s important to get an idea of what their history within this field has been like. It does make a difference when you know these things and you can feel a lot more at ease.

Ensure You Understand Their Methods of Handling Pests and Their Costs

What methods is the company using to deal with the pest problem? Are the methods modern, effective or are they outdated? That isn’t to say all older methods can’t work but there are some which aren’t as effective as some of the more modern techniques. However, when you know how they will deal with the pests you can feel more at ease and content too. You should also consider checking out their costs to use their services before you hire them. Pest control doesn’t have to be overly expensive at the best of times but you do have to get a fair idea over these costs before you hire someone.

A Good Company Will Make all the Difference

When you have a problem at home with pests you can absolutely find the problems don’t go away until you actually deal with the issue at hand. It is very important to ensure you get a company that can deal with your pests so that you can enjoy your property once again. It can be far easier to hire the best pest control company when you know a few things that’s involved and you will be thankful you’ve done your homework!